Past Events

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Feb 2020 – Northern Quarter, Manchester

Our first visit to the north of England! We often hear from people that mapping and data viz events always take place in London – we wanted to change this and went to Manchester! Speakers on the night included Craig Taylor, Alasdair Rae, Clare Nolan and Elliot Hartley.

Nov 2019 – Kings Cross, London

For our final meet-up of 2019, we were joined by four amazing speakers! These included Lily Wydra from Argent, Irene de la Torre and Nassos Stylianou from the BBC and Linda Beale from Esri.

Sep 2019 – West End, Edinburgh

At our first meet-up outside of London, we were joined by Pip Thornton, Liam Mason, Kenneth Field and Olive Powell. Pip gave a fascinating talk on linguistic capitalism, Ken presented his love of maps, Liam talked about how he maps with nostalgia and Olive shared how maps are used at Avon and Somerset Police.

Aug 2019 – Highbury, London

At our second London event of 2019, we were joined by Ryan Watts, Dan Clark, Tiziana Alocci, and Owen Powell. The talks covered a range of topics from information design, the tools a major newspaper uses to create their maps and how map makers can use blender to take their 3d visualisations to the next level.

May 2019 – Seven Dials, London

For the launch event, James Cheshire (UCL and successful author), Alice Gadney (Minimapmakers and wannabe pirate), Ed Parsons (Google and emeritus pilot) and John Nelson (Esri and Adventures In Mapping) provided the short talks. Each presented some thoughts on an issue of interest to the design community more widely.

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